CHM metadata management tool.

Metadata or "data about data" describe the content, quality, condition, and other characteristics of data.

The successful development, operation and use of complex informational system heavily depends on the effective use and management of metadata. This metadata is needed for analysis, system design, development, usage and solving interoperability problems.

Bulgarian CHM works intensively on the interoperability of our National Clearing House Mechanism. One of the priorities is the metadata development and management.

There are two levels of document description:

a) Semantics: This refers to agreements about content description standarts. The DUBLIN CORE is the description standart adopted by Bulgarian CHM. More information about the DUBLIN CORE can be found on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative web site.

b) Structure: Bulgarian CHM uses the Resource Description Framework (RDF) model to specify semantic shemas so they can be shared.Here is sample of .RDF files - The portal web site -

The Bulgarian CHM Digital Library
Bulgarian CHM accepts the standarts and recommendations of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( in the field of biodiversity data interoperability.


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